Arsip | April, 2015

What is Energy Drinks?

25 Apr

The promotion of energy drinks that flood our media, both print and electronic, make some people wonder whether the actual energy drinks? Are energy drinks safe for me? The vigorous campaign suggests that energy drinks are beverages that are free to drink as well as Coca Cola or Fanta. But is it really? Let’s look together the following article.

minuman berenergi

Energy drinks (minuman berenergi) is a kind of soft drinks (soft drinks) containing caffeine and other stimulants such as ephedrine, guarana, and ginseng. This drink does not contain more calories than soft drinks, but is believed to increase stamina for those who drink it.

Apakah Minuman berenergi aman tidak berbahaya?
Most energy drinks contain caffeine, which when consumed in high doses will cause various side effects of short-term. The content of caffeine per bottle of energy drinks varies widely, from 50 mg to 505 mg. Therefore, one can just drink too much caffeine. Normal reaction that occurs when too much caffeine that enters the body include increased heart rate and blood pressure, dehydration (in some cases), headaches, and difficulty sleeping. Deaths due to high doses of caffeine has also been reported as many as four cases.

On Condition Is It Worth Avoiding beverages?
Never drink “energy drinks” on the conditions in which the activity of the body which secrete a lot of sweat, because the diuretic effects of caffeine will cause dehydration. Do not also drink energy drinks to offset the adverse effects of alcohol. There are some people who drink “energy drinks” to help restore the drowsiness caused by alcohol. This is very dangerous, because it can lead to caffeine intoxication. Under the influence of alcohol, you will drink too much caffeine. You also have to understand that caffeine does not reduce the level of alcohol in the body, so that when the effect of stimulating / wary of caffeine disappears, you will be faced with the soporific effect of alcohol which has not been lost.

Is it safe to drink Energizing For Me?
Basically, energy drinks are relatively safe. It just needs to be aware that caffeine content varies greatly from one brand to another brand. This is evidenced by research Reissig CJ, Strain EC, and Griffiths RR at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine which proved that the caffeine content of a brand to other brands vary greatly. You are required to wise here, drink “energy drinks” when necessary. Do not make it a habit as you drink Coca Cola or Fanta.